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We’ve been rolling for years and the time has come to take our rolling main stream! EZJ is proud to announce we’re now accepting Pre-Orders on our first production roller – “Grabba” 

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Our patented rolling technology changes the game


Roll Bigger

Our cigar style rollers are fully adjustable allowing you to roll a morning wake-me-up or be the life of the party and roll 20 grams


Roll Faster

With an integrated grinding system you can make short work from flower to enjoyment in a couple of minutes.

grabba ready to balls system close up


Smoke Better

With a consistent compression ratio across a wide surface area we control the flow rate of the smoke creating a smoother more terp rich draw that you can't get anywhere but the finest hand rolls.

grabba balls further out

Introducing The Grabba Roller!

EZJ’s First production Roller, Roll in style!

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Announcing Grabba Pre-Orders!

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